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M6 Fitness is designed for the busy mom, fitness enthusiast, athlete, and novice – anyone and everyone who craves a fresh new outlook on their fitness regimen and a step up from their current level of fitness.

Known for its signature high-energy classes and club atmosphere, M6 Fitness blends cutting-edge fitness with urban dance movements.  There’s no other studio around that offers the newest, freshest, and most revolutionary styles of fitness.

Founded in 2008 by professional dancer and industry-leading fitness instructor and trainer Michelle Vrakelos, M6 Fitness is the trendsetter of group fitness training.  After studying at the EDGE Performing Arts Center on scholarship, Vrakelos went on to be a member of dance companies with famous dance choreographers, such as Ryan Heffington, Tracy Phillips, and Shane Sparks, and appeared in a number of industrial films and music videos.  She also taught alongside Tae Bo legend Billy Blanks and traveled with him across the country to train the U.S. Armed Forces for years before opening M6 Fitness.  Drawing from her extensive training and experience in fitness and dance, Vrakelos continuously creates fresh and innovative exercises.  You will never experience the same class twice.

Vrakelos has taken her twenty-year background in ballet to create M6 Fitness’ trademark and most popular class – Barre Control, a fusion of modern ballet and athleticism.  It is designed to lengthen and tone your muscles using a ballet barre and by integrating dance conditioning, light weights, isometric exercises,

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cardio plié jumps, and more.  The buzz around Barre Control has even attracted celebrities, such as professional volleyball player and model Gabrielle Reece.

With the opening of its new 5,500 square foot location in Thousand Oaks, California, M6 Fitness introduced the M6 Revolution, a one-of-a-kind cycling studio, equipped with RealRyder bikes that take indoor cycling to a new level.  With a 10 foot movie screen and RealRyder bikes that turn, tilt and lean to simulate an outdoor bike ride, you get a full-body workout while riding through routes like the California Coast and Wine Country.  The state-of-the-art, theatre-enhanced surround sound system and synchronized lighting create a unique virtual cycling experience.

In addition to Barre Control and RealRyder cycling classes, M6 Fitness offers a variety of daily classes, such as Party Box (cardio kickboxing), Knock Out (boxing), X Camp (boot camp), Elevate(cardio and sculpting), FIT (small group training), Power 45 (interval training with TRX), Hip Hop, and Strip.


  • “Michelle’s kick-butt Barre Control class at M6 Fitness kills you with the reps – believe me, just holding your arms up above your head or parallel to the ground becomes work after a while.  But it’s worth it when you see the results.” – Gabrielle Reece, professional volleyball player and model
  • “M6 Fitness, with its unique styles of workouts and high-powered energy, reminds me of how I trained as a player in the NFL.” Chris Hayes, former eight-year veteran of the NFL
  • “Stationary cyclists in Thousand Oaks are giving their workouts a dose of virtual reality.” - KTLA 5 News 
  • “Best known for its barre fitness classes, which feature ballet and other dance routines, M6 Fitness has added one of the hottest pieces of fitness equipment to its class offerings: the RealRyder.” - 805 Living Magazine
  • “M6 did what other gyms in this area couldn’t do.  It kept me wanting more. Every workout is a new challenge,very class is invigorating, every instructor is invested, and every member is inspiring.” – Lacey Philbrick, lost 50 pounds since joining M6 Fitness
  • “M6 has helped me develop a passion for fitness.  The classes, instructors, family environment, and energy all come together to create the perfect way to end my day.” – Katie Porush, a Westlake High School student